That’s not yoga!

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When ever I hear someone say, “that’s not yoga”, I always chuckle inside because they remind me of an earlier version of myself.

Yoga, Pilates and GYROTONIC® have become a sort of trinity for me. These mind body techniques have one main thing in common: they all ask you to be present.

These practices guide the thinking part of ourselves inward into a space of focused attention that transcends time and space. When we are fully present there are no words, lineages or traditions, there is the lack of all that has been or will be, so that the here and now may reveal itself. The traditions of yoga, Pilates, Qi-Gong, etc are vehicles that transport our psyche out of the time space continuum into the present moment; the eternal now. Nowadays when I hear this type of comment of, ‚that’s not yoga‘ or ‚that’s not Pilates‘, or my favorite…

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